Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jailbird: A Photoplay

When you travel to foreign lands you should know the laws and customs of the countries you visit. There are some unusual rules that you are likely not to expect so study your travel guide. Above is how suspected ne’er-do-wells are treated in Canada. It's strange to think that my wife would spend time locked up with these reprobates for something considered quite laughable where we live. All she did was strangle a hobo.

Here she is looking quite sad and repentant in her jail cell. Such expressions of remorse are required to impress the court. Canadian judges are known for being lenient if the prisoner manages to look pitiful. After all it’s not like my wife killed the tramp, she just choked him till he passed out.

With a little bit of work, and a small bribe, I was able to convince the hobo to withdraw his charge and the judge found my wife’s histrionics so comical he released her into my custody the following day. She was quite happy and promised not to strangle any more hobos till we got home.

With the trouble my wife gets me into, you can see why I’ve gotten behind on my blogs.

Back to the real world. I thought this was funny. While we were walking along a beach this little girl came up with a recent find. Her brother said, "That's what killed the Crocodile Hunter. I watched that show until he died." Kids say the darndest things. By the way, as I write this I believe that Art Linkletter is still around. He’s got to be in his mid 90’s.

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